10 tips for a successful party

We all know how to have a good time at events but with a few easy-to-follow tips we will host a successful party…

  1. Double check your guest list– a diverse group will make interesting conversation.
  2. Create the ambience by choosing the suitable music for your type of event.
  3. Decorate with your favorite color, flowers and right lighting – dimmer or candles.
  4. Chill the white wine decant the red wine, and have room in the fridge for any wine guests may bring.
  5. Have a variety of serving plates. Select different shapes, sizes and colors or patterns, mix and match!
  6. Contrast tastes, textures, shapes and colors. Like a smooth hot bite with a crunchy cool one.
  7. Offer a variety of hot and cold and hors d’oeuvres.Serve all food at the right temperature.
  8. Decorate the platters with edible bite size products: vegetables, fruits, edible flowers.
  9. Add a “WOW” to the party with a theme or a surprise factor: a special drink, a innovative food, the latest music, a performer, a souvenir for each guest, or whatever you come up with … just give your guests something to talk about.
  10. Lastly, relax and have a blast! Cheers!

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