Cocktail Parties planning: quantities


Liquor: plan on 2 drinks per hour per person

Ice: 1 pound of ice per guest (to chill wines; serve drinks on the rocks, sodas)

In a 2-hour “business” party serving wine and/or champagne estimate one bottle for every two guests. Always have a mix of white and red.

Food: plan on 6 hors d’oeuvres per person for the first hour, 5 for the second hour, 4 for the third hour and 3 per hour for each additional hour when no dinner will be served. Calculate 3 to 6 per person when finger food is served as prelude to a dinner. Appetizers that are not pieces, such as cheese and dips, consider one ounce as one bite.

Napkins: 4 cocktail napkins per guest per hour.


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