Health conscious eating is a lifestyle

Health conscious eating is a lifestyle. Make the decision to choose foods that is good for you. Some tips to assist you follow through.
1. Read the labels of food products…learn how to understand processed food. Became a well-informed eater and choose items made with organic / natural ingredients.
2. Eat small portions …more often. variety in bite size items.
3. Drink water… for hydration, nutrients flow, toxin cleanser, healthier skin, increase of energy or simply because you are thirsty – just drink a lot of water.
4. Include in your daily meals vegetable, fresh greens and fruits … and enjoy it.
5. Choose proteins of fish or poultry over red meat. Vegetarian? Get protein from soy products.
6. Prefer whole-grains food … so rich in fiber.
7. Go for low-fat dairy products…go for the body calcium.
8. Snack on nuts and seeds…healthy and easy to carry around.
9. Save the dessert for special occasions. Indulge yourself with dark chocolate … small servings.
10. Develop the habit of matching a glass of wine with a glass of water especially at events and cocktail parties.
To be healthy, eating well is fundamental. Moderation is everything… appreciate it.


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  1. Karen says:

    Big Chef is an excellent Health Concious Manufacturer. I worked for Big Chef 5 Years ago and I can still travel back to the preparation table and the combination of rich and healthy products used to create their delicious recipe. Both Mano & Rosana have come a long way! it’s very satisfying to see that they continue to produce excellence and continue to delight palates all around.

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