Limit your Time in the Kitchen this Graduation


"Graduation Party Planning"How to Make Your Grad’s Party Fun and Memorable Without all the Work

So often we plan an event and think we have to do it all ourselves. With all the options today to have a perfect event using other “Done for You” products and services you can host an event that is memorable fun, and will be the talk of the town long after the special occasion has passed. Especially when it comes to the food and beverages.

There are five key things to remember to plan an event that doesn’t leave you tired and unable to enjoy the festivities. They are:

1. Keep it simple. Instead of having too many different food options, choose a theme and stick with it. For instance, if your grad wants a Southwestern Theme, pare empanadas with quesadillas, burritos, mini tacos and other simple to prepare and serve foods.

2.Appetizers are always a good food-on-the-go  choice because your guests will be busy visiting and laughing and having fun. Bite sized foods are easy to handle, require very little preparation (when you purchase pre-made foods) and are often more cost effective.

3. Be Different. Think of the last graduation (or any) party and what was served. It may have been a typical meat and potatoes affair or hot dogs and hamburgers on the bar-bee. Why not opt for mini pizzas, franks in a blanket, mini gyros and parmesan cheese sticks for starters.

4. Serve Fun Beverages to make your party memorable and different:

Rent a slushy or snow cone machine. Adults and children both love these and they are fun to serve and add to the décor.

Buy sodas in big liter bottles instead of cans. This way you won’t have a lot of half full cans laying around when the party is over.

Pitchers of lemonade or Arnold Palmers (equal parts of lemonade and iced tea) make a refreshing change.

Punch it up with a punch bowl. If your graduates are over 21 you can serve a champaign punch with rainbow sherbet, hawaiin punch and the champaign of your choosing. This is a refershing and pretty change of pace from plain old champaign. If they are under 21 substitute champaign for ginger ale or sparkling cider.

Have plenty of bottled water on hand. I recommend you buy the small bottles. They cost a little more but you have a LOT LESS WASTE.

Buy or rent a Drink dispenser and make a cool water drink with sliced lemons, strawberries and plenty of ice. It’s a relaxing drink that is served in the finest Spas. Why not serve it to your graduates?

5. Get help. Don’t try to do it all yourself. One of the reasons fresh frozen appetizers are so enticing is that they can be ordered and heated in the kitchen without a full staff or even caterers. You could enlist a couple of friends to give you a hand and viola’ the perfect food for the perfect party.

When its time to plan your graduation event, get out your party dishes, decorations and leave the food to BigChef! Order your Appetizers, Hors D’Oeuvres and Finger foods from BigChef by calling us at (954) 965-2480 or visiting us online at today. We ship around the corner or around the country! Your guests will be glad you did.



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