How much is just enough for a Cocktail Party?



Hosting a Cocktail party are a brilliant way to entertain friends and business associates. These events are ideal for the busy host because guests are free to mix and mingle over appetizers and drinks. It can be simple or as extravagant as you desire. A little planning and preparation will allow you more time to socialize with your guests and enjoy your role as a host.


How much is just enough?


Liquor: Plan on two drinks per hour per person. In a two-hour “business” party serving wine and/or champagne, estimate one bottle for every two guests. Always have a mix of white and red.

Ice: One pound of ice per guest (for chilling wine, serving drinks on the rocks and sodas)

Food: Plan on six pieces per person for the first hour, five for the second, four for the third and three for each additional hour (if dinner will not be served). Appetizers such as cheese and dips, one ounce is equivalent to one bite.

Napkins: Four cocktail napkins per guest per hour.



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