Color + Your Business

From logos to stationary, colors take a vital role in your business. The hidden meaning of colors can impact your clients emotions and perception of the company’s goals and visions. Studies have shown that most decisions are influenced 80% by emotion and 20% by intellect. Since color plays such an influential role in bringing out emotions, it is important to pay attention on how it plays with the image of your company.

RED Energetic, excitement, passion and aggression.  Red is a color to draw attention and stimulate the mind. A prefect choice of a business logo to show confidence, strength and security. Red can also signify danger but is also known for life – the color of blood.

BLUE is everywhere. From the sky to the ocean, Blue is surrounding us every day. The effect is calming and sedating. It gives you the feeling of dependability, trustworthiness and communication. It is a popular choice for uniforms and waiting rooms. Giving the effect of restfulness can enhance productivity and focus. However, beware when choosing intense blues, they can feel cold.

YELLOW optimism, energetic, cheerfulness and movement. The presence of this uplifting color can stimulate the release of serotonin, the feel good hormone. Yellow can also enhance creativity, memory and communication. Can be found in service companies such as transportation and moving companies.

GREEN is the color of nature. It gives of f the the emotion of peace, tranquility and harmony. Green is a good color for natural, Eco friendly products. Some greens are soothing and refreshing which is a good association for healthcare. This relaxing color can reduce anxiety and depression.

WHITE reflects every color and doesn’t absorb any. It signifies purity and cleanliness. White is the color of sophistication, chic, fresh and creativity. It can represent a blank canvas, a clean slate, a new beginning.


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