Planning a Party? It’s all about YOU!

Let’s face it. Planning a party can be stressful. When really it should be FUN!I mean, you get to be surrounded by people who’s company you enjoy. You get to eat food you enjoy and you get to introduce your favorite people to your other favorite people. You get to decide the date and time of your event, as well as, decidng to either stay at home or go somewhere you want to have your event.

Really…its all about YOU! …and your guests of course

Here are the top 10 ideas for planning your next party that will make you want to do it again.

01 Plan your time line ahead so you can be on time for each aspect of the party, from appetizer to dessert. People will remember and appreciate when you consider their mealtime needs.

02 Have at least one healthy dessert While decadence is all the rage, and most people will indulge just a little (or a lot), have a dessert for those on strict diets or who just don’t want to partake in something heavy. If your guests arrive a size 8 dont let them leave feeling like a size 12!

03 Invite new people to your soiree Make sure you introduce your guests to one another. Know enough about your guests that you can make proper introductions, so they can have subjects to discuss like sports, hobbies, or favorite places. Don’t make it all about business even if it’s a business dinner. People are more than just their job titles.

04 Have plenty of ICE on hand. Nothing is worse than running out of ice and having to make a run to the store in the middle of your party.

05 Serve small, bite-sized appetizers. One bite says it all. This, way guests won’t be talking with their mouths full.

06 If the Party is small and you don’t have a bartender, let guests make their own drink. Have a couple of recipe cards handy for “special drinks” that fit the occasion and that your guests may not have heard of (with ingredients available of course). Take it a step further and create a signature drink for the event. Be creative, and make it fun.

07 Use nice tableware to set the tone of the party

08 Never try a new recipe at a party Use your family or someone close to you to test it out first. Or stick with what you know. Let your specialty shine.

09 Music sets the tone Create a play list of the type of mood music to fit the occassion. Have it play when guests arrive.

10 Before guests arrive, pour yourself a good stiff drink. The host sets the mood, if you appear in good mood and not stressed out, your guests will have permission to enjoy the party.


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