Rejuvenate with these Anti-Aging Ingredients

It’s Monday, and we need to rejuvenate from our weekend toxins. You do not need to go buy fancy cleansers or go on a diet, just simply add these ingredients into your meals for a feel good week.

01 Avocado – One of the most alkalizing foods, avocados are pumped up with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is fundamental for beautiful glowing skin and strong healthy hair. Also known for fighting to keep those wrinkles off your face. You can steam avocados it or eat it raw.

02 Gooseberries –All berries are rich in Vitamin C. However, Gooseberries takes the cake. Vitamin C helps fight against aging by assisting blood circulation and providing minerals that we need.

03 Garlic –Is not only to keep Vampires away, but is actually one of the most important foods. Garlic has various benefits such as cell degeneration and is a natural blood thinner (preventing heart disease). Get the most nutrients from this natural miracle by consuming it RAW.

04 Green vegetables –Your mother was right when she said eat your veggies. Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale and other leafy greens keep the body weight down and helps fights toxins. Toxins attracts diseases that can cause harm, so, its important to eat our greens to keep them away.

05 Ginger –This root assists the digestive system by keep bowel movements in top shape.


06 Nuts –Want energy? Consuming nuts on a daily basis will fight that lethargic feeling and will power your body with energy. Almonds and Cashews are the best.

07 Yogurt – It’s rich in powerful minerals such as potassium, calcium, protein and B vitamins. Yogurt carries live bacteria, that absorbs nutrients in the intestines and assist the immune system.






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