Getting Your Home Ready For The Party

Planning a party? No matter what the size, planning an occasion can be stressful. Especially, when you are not the one making the mess, but you are the one doing the majority of the cleaning.

The key to getting ready for your next event, is to de-clutter the main areas and do the “heavy lifting” early. Having a well organized home will make your guests feel more welcome and comfortable.


01 Go Room to Room. Do a quick scan of what you need to do. With a pen and paper in hand, and take notes as you move about your home. If it is cold outside, guests will likely bring their coats and jackets. This is a good time to decide where you’d like your guests to put them once they arrive. Same with women’s purses.

02 Get your entrance ready for guests to work their way around your home. In addition to all the main areas, think about where else they might end up such as a game room, den or even the patio. Cleaning and de-cluttering these areas will help you breath with a sigh of relief, if someone ventures into parts of those home.

03 Get rid of clutter. Make sure your fancy vases and trinkets are out of the way of trays, drinks and other items that guests might use. It will prevent accidents and give your guests an open space.

04 Get help. Ask family, friends or hire staff to assist you in the process. It will take some pressure off and get the job done faster.

05 Closing doors are perfectly acceptable. Close the doors that guests will not be entering. Also, children will be able to play in their room quietly.

06 Depending on the formality and the number of guests you have, it is acceptable to use casual serving utensils instead of your fine china. Examples of these events would be a pot luck, BBQ or an informal cocktail party.

07 If you are worried about spills (and yes they will happen), deal with it by being prepared. Have a small box or bag with cleaning supplies, rags and paper towels handy, will ease your stress when accidents do occur.

08 Do a walk through of your home, making sure you didn’t remove vital pieces that add uniqueness to your rooms. Add flowers, family photos and candles.

09 If you are not having entertainment such as a DJ or band, be sure you have a playlist ready ahead of time.

10 Plan the Menu. Include items that are easy to serve, don’t take a lot of time to prepare and can be enjoyed by guests without the fuss.

When planning your next get together or party, remember to check out BIG CHEF for delectable Appetizers, Hors D’oeuvres and even desserts. Delivered overnight to your door, just heat, serve and enjoy with out the stress of cooking. After all, you too should enjoy the party.


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