How to set a Formal Table Setting

01 Utensils are to be placed on the table in the order it will be used. Silverware that will be used first should be on the farthest left or farthest right of each side of the plate.

02 Knives should be placed with their cutting-edge towards the dinner plate; except the butter knife, which should be laid flat on the bread plate.

03 The dessert fork and/or spoon should be centered above the dinner plate. It can also be brought out when you serve the dessert as well.

04 Salad plate or soup plate can be placed on top of the dinner plate. If you are serving both, then place the soup bowl on top and move the salad plate to the left (right above the forks).

05 The bread plate should be placed to the right and slightly above the salad plate.

06 Dinner plates should be placed about 2 inches from the table’s edge. You can center it on a place mat or squarely in front of the chair.

07 When serving multiple courses, the host may want to each course on separate serving plates.

08 Clear dishes and utensils after each course is finished.

09 Water glasses should be placed above the dinner knife, while other drinking glasses arranged neatly to the right of the water glass.

10 Mugs and saucers can be placed on the table to the right of the knife and spoon.

11 For larger dinner parties, it is a good idea to use name cards. The card should be placed above the dessert utensil and the the left of the drinking glasses.

12 During dinner always off salt, pepper and dressings before you serve yourself. Also, when leaving the table remember to leave your napkin folded on the arm of your chair.


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