The Ultimate Party Planning Guide

When Planning a Party even the smallest of details can make a BIG difference!

01 DECIDE & ANNOUNCE: You made the decision to entertain, make sure it will be well attended. Announce it to your guests early to create the expectation of your party and make sure the people you really want to invite will attend, after all, calendars fill up fast especially during the holidays.


02 CREATE A BUDGET: Many things can be considered when establishing a budget for an event; these are the essentials for at home entertaining:

  • Type of Party: Theme
  • People: Number of guests. A mix group will make interesting conversation
  • Food: Breakfast, Hors D’Oeuvres & Canapes or Appetizers, Entree and Dessert
  • Beverage: Specialty Drink, Wines and Beer or a Full Bar
  • Decoration: Centerpiece, flowers, candles or strategic illumination
  • Tableware: China and linen or first class disposable ware
  • Cleaning & Serving: Delegating or doing it yourself
  • Music: Live entertainer, DJ or your favorite Playlist
  • Party Favors: A small gift to remember

03 CHOOSE THE STYLE: Regardless of the reason for the celebration, you have to consider the style and date. Brunch on weekend works well for families get together and friends catching up on time. Sit down dinners are perfect for small groups and interesting to get to know people better. Cocktail Parties during the week are ideal for friends, clients and business associates.


04 MENU:  Plan the menu, whether you are serving only finger food or 3-4 course meal, think about the food your guests would like to enjoy. Remember that people eat based on their tastes and diets. When you offer a wide selection there will be plenty of choices to delight the palate for everyone. Have a variety of flavors like Cheese, Meats, Seafood, Poultry, Veggie, and Fruits.

05 TAKE CONTROL: A little planning and preparation will make your entertainment easy: shopping in advance, setting the table and the bar, cooking ahead of time r ordering gourmet food online.

At the last hour, create the ambiance: turn on some music, set the proper lighting, pop the cork and glam up. also remember to have your red wines decanting and your white wines chilled.

Using these simple tips will allow you to be relaxd and ready, greet every guest, enjoy your role as a host/hostess, socialize with everyone and make your get-together an unforgettable party.


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