Weddings Do’s & Don’ts

Weddings are a wonderful celebration of a new beginning. Here are some tips for making your BIG day an unforgettable one.

  1. Plan your day around your interests, hobbies and favorites. In other words, make it about you.
  2. Include your groom in wedding plans by involving his opinions and attractions. It’s a big day for him too, so have him feel important.
  3. Do not have a cash bar. Guests are there to celebrate with you, don’t have them reach for their wallets every time they want to make a toast.
  4. If you have a specific budget: serve wine and beer or have a signature cocktail, instead of a full bar.
  5. Seat your elders away from loud music.
  6. Don’t have your guests waiting on their feet for hours before the ceremony or reception. Schedule your time wisely.
  7. Send invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding.
  8. Use music to set the mood throughout the rooms were guests will be. Silence can leave an awkward moment.
  9. Go over how you want your pictures with your photographer way ahead of time. By the way, consider a few black and white photos they are everlasting.
  10. Get personal with your favors; show your interests and style.
  11. Don’t forget thank you cards. No later than 3 months after the wedding.
  12. Have a glass of champagne, take a deep breath and enjoy!

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