Why serve Canapés for your next Event?

A canapé is an hors d’oeuvre, or bite sized appetizer that was originally made with a base of a small piece of bread with decorative toppings. Throughout the years, canapé’s base has evolved from bread to a variety of choices, such as: cucumber, tartlettes, blinis (small pancakes), wonton cups and more.

So, why should you use canapés for your next event?

  1. Save the stress of cooking: Canapés are usually served cold, so there is no need to get hot and sweaty over the oven.
  2. They give STYLE: Canapés have decorative garnishes that give a certain upscale style to the food itself. Guests will be WOWed with the various flavor combinations and the presentation of these colorful food.
  3. No dishes required: Since Canapés are held by the fingers and eaten within one or two bites, they can be served with cocktail napkins instead of plates. Saving you energy with cleaning.
  4. Guests can socialize: Canapé’s portability lets guests move around and mingle with one another while delighting their palates. They will also will be comfortable communicating when taking a single bite of food rather than having their mouth’s full.
  5. Gives you time to be a Host: You can set up the canapés buffet style and not worry about serving your guests. This will give you moments of freedom to interact with your guests with a tranquil mind.

Check out the pictures below to see some of BIG CHEF’s unique selection of canapés. Let us know what you think. If you like to have these amazing appetizers at your next event call for a tasting at 954.965.2480.



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