Purple: the Color of 2017 Food

Photo Credit: The Holistic Ingredient

The health food giants Whole Foods, is predicting that purple food is what will be appearing on consumers plates in 2017. From acai to purple cauliflower, corn and even cereal will be popping up everywhere in the food world. But why purple you may ask… not only is the color attractive and vibrant but purple veggies and fruits are filled with antioxidants and nutritional benefits. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that purple foods contain anthocyanins, an amazing nutrient that protects cells against damage from free radicals.

Here are other benefits from antioxidant anthocyanin:

  • Decreases risk of high blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances weight and can assist in preventing obesity and diabetes
  • Lowers risk of cancer and assists liver damage.
  • Treats ulcers and urinary tract infections
  • Helps in strengthening eye sight.

Purple Foods to add to your grocery list:

  • Acai: create an acai bowl with granola, yogurt, nuts and other berries for the perfect breakfast to start the day.
  • Purple Cabbage: can be eaten raw or cooked and helps your immune system with vitamins and probiotics. Try it in your next salad or use it in your fish tacos with some lime!
  • Purple Sweet Potato: contains fiber, rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. The great thing about sweet potato is that it is sweet and can be used in a variety of ways, from mashed and baked to a tapioca pudding the possibilities are endless.
  • Purple Carrots: might seem a little odd at first but these veggies were the original carrot color until history altered them to orange. They are high in anti-inflammatory, balances a healthy weight, and has a ton of fiber and Vitamin A.




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