Send the right Invite

Once you have planned out the date, time and location of your event it is time to invite your guests. Choose the right invitation for your soiree:

  • Handwritten invitations: best for small, intimate affairs of under 50 guests. These events includes luncheons, private receptions or dinner parties. Hand written invites give the receiver a personal and intimate moment.  They are not best suited for larger events due to their precious time and extra commitment.



  • Printed Invitations: are to be sent for formal events such as business functions, formal dinners, showers, weddings or award ceremonies. A nice satisfaction of sending something physical to your guests.


  •  Electronic Invitations: Everything is digital now and days. Electronic invitations save waste of paper and stamps, as well as cost and time. They provide a quick response, and can be helpful when planning an event at the last minute. Multiple websites let you create and send invitations various emails at once. Some even let you know if the guest has read it.
  • Hand delivered: it is best to personally deliver invitations for kids parties to parents. It is a great way to insure arrival and to get to know your guests a little better.



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