A Guide to Dressing Right

You are super excited for an event you just got invited too. However, then you see the dress code: smart casual you get minor anxiety…What does that exactly mean? Don’t freak out we got you covered. Here is a dress code guide that will get you through any event.

  • WHITE TIE= ultra-formal.Women  are to wear long formal evening gowns only with long gloves if they like. If you decide to wear long gloves you may use them for the majority of the night such as dancing or cocktail hour; just make sure you take them off for dinner. Men wear black coats with tails and a white pique vest over white formal dress shirt with a white bow tie and black leather shoes.

Image result for white tie event

  • BLACK TIE/FORMAL= usually allows your personal style to show through your formal wear. Men can put on a modern tuxedo. Women can wear long dresses or separates (maybe a long lace or sequined skirt with a sleek blouse).Untitled-1.jpg                                                                                           Photo credit: Dress for the wedding

  • SEMI-FORMAL=  here is wear it gets kind of tricky. Semi-formal usually means no tux or long dresses required. It will still require a dark suit for men and a cocktail dress for women. If it is during the day women can wear a dressy suit or short cocktail dress.
  • LOUNGE SUIT= this calls for suit and tie (navy, grey, black or tan) for men. Women can use stylish long dresses or three quarter dresses. Accessories are a must. Women can wear statement necklace or earrings. Men can wear a flashy watch and some whiskey colored oxfords. A splash of bright color is a goal.


Image result for knee length dresses Image result for suit with light blue tie

  • BUSINESS ATTIRE: is formal but not as formal as black tie. Men wear dark colored suits with a tie and a long sleeve shirt.  Women wear suits as well: Blazer or jacket with a blouse and matching trousers or knee length skirt.

Image result for business attire

Photo credit: Jacqueline Fitz Maurice
  • INFORMAL: be careful, just because informal can seem casual it all comes down to the occasion. For example if the event is a wedding or a special occasion, there are still some restrictions. You can’t go wrong however with a dress for her and a pair of slacks and dress shirt for him.
  • NIGHT CLUB CHIC: Black is the way to go.
  • SMART CASUAL: depending on companies, but generally it is best described as business attire with some flare. You can add accessories, a nice jacket and closed toed heels. If you do decide to wear denim, make sure it can look dressy and no rips please (black skinnies are even better). A great tip is to add a blazer to add a classy look.
  • CASUAL: The most relaxed of dress codes. Just don’t wear thong sandals or a graphic tee and you will be ok.




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