How to start a Theme Wedding.

Theme weddings are become more and more popular. They allow a more personal experience that symbolize the common interests between the bride and groom. Theme weddings also gives space for your imagination and let’s your creativity shine.


(Source: Pinterest/Colin Cowie Wedding)

Communication is key in order to have  a successful themed wedding. Here are some questions that you and your partner should ask each other before deciding on your theme. Be open to include both interests, besides it’s a big day for the both of you.


(Source: Pinterest/unknown)

– What is your favorite food and dessert? List three restaurants that you go to often.
– What are your choice of drinks? Beer, Wine or Cocktails?
– When going on vacation what do you prefer – beach, nature trails or new cities?
– Do you like to read? Tell me the last three books you’ve read.
– What are your favorite colors and which you like the least?
– Do you have any hobbies?
– What is your favorite season?
– What kind of music do you listen to? Three favorite artists?
– How do you imagine your wedding?
– What time of day do you two enjoy. Are you early birds or night owls?

Feel free to add your own questions. When answering questions you will start to identify a style or theme. Start to think of how you can incorporate this theme with menus, party favors, decorations and invitations. Have fun and enjoy!


(Source: Pinterest/ElegantWeddingInvites)



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