Tips for a Successful Outdoor Party

Here in South Florida we are very fortunate to have beautiful weather year round so outdoor parties are a must for us. However, we do have a couple obstacles to face with mother nature such as unexpected rain or pesky mosquitos. Do not fear BIG CHEF is here is here to let you in on some tips for a perfect event.

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01 Invitations: Everyone has been in the position where we have to fire up the grill again for latecomers. Even though we love our guests this extra step takes time away from mingling and fun. So instead, write on the invitation when will the food be served with something like “the chef will be grilling from 6pm-7pm”. Also, make a note that the party will go on with rain or shine.


02 Plan for worst: If it does rain on your day, its okay, just make sure you have proper seating in your living room or indoor patio. Always make sure you have extra seats if you are missing outdoor seating bring chairs from the inside and vice a versa. If not renting chairs are actually pretty cheap. Many companies will drop off and pick up.

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03 Lighting: Using the right lighting can create ambiance as well as providing safety for your guests. Fairy light or round bulbs are perfect for this.

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04 Keep Mosquitoes Away: This is a must in Florida. Use mosquito repellent candles or torches. As well as using fans and removing kiddie pools or anything else with              still water.

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05 Decorations: Get creative, layout blankets (extra seating) and picnic baskets with party favors like accordion fans. Buy a piñata, they are not just for kids if you get a monochromatic one it will look pretty chic and you can fill it with dollar store sunglasses, necklaces and even mini liquor bottles (plastic only).

P.S. If you need food for your outdoor bash, BIG CHEF has you covered. Call us for Appetizers, Skewers, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees and more. 954.965.2480

*All food in this article were handcrafted by BIG CHEF




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