Catering Trends for your next event!

Events are to be memorable. Check out these 2017 catering trends in order to stay in on top of your event planning.

01 Keep things Local: Shopping local is a growing trend in the United States and its a good one too because if bring back to the community. Also, if people are traveling to your event they will want to try what your city has to offer. Try local cuisine, and serve wine and beer from a local brewer. It is a great way to show off your insight and your city.

02 Healthy Menus: Thankfully, people are buckling down on what they are putting inside their bodies. They are opting out of red meat and saying hello to low fat meats such as salmon, turkey and chicken. Also, please remember vegetarian selections for our veggie lovers and other dietary specifications to accommodate all.

03 Create your own: Make the food a fun and interactive activity in your event. Include a taco bar, a smores station or anything that you can think of. Guests will enjoy the different options and will definitely have them talking about it after the event.

04 Grab n Go: Grab and go cuisine is amazing for corporate and networking events. Canapes, bite size appetizers, skewers and more can all be used to fuel your guests and get them conversing in between.

Need help planning? BIG CHEF will make it happen. To learn more about our extensive and creative catering options, please contact us today!


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