Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil, (August 2, 2017) – Rosana Calambichis, BIG CHEF’s CEO, was honored with the  Noble Title of Commander by the Sublime PUMART Order Merit of Honor.  The inaugural ceremony took place at the Palacio Maçônico do Lavradio, in the city of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil.

Mrs. Calambichis was presented with the Noble Title of Commander for being a cultural supporter by collaborating and sponsoring Brazilian Art, Literature, Sports and Social Events in South Florida becoming the newest member of Honorable O.A.M.P.H.  Family.

Distinguished guests and dignitaries attended the illustrious event this year. The last inaugural ceremony of this illustrious award took place five years ago and it was held in the 40-year history of PUMART. PUMART is created by a selected cultural group of leaders and illustrious personalities from Brazil, who are an integral part of this noble and honorable Pantheon.

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BIG CHEF is a health conscious food company since 1999. We are known for hand crafted delectable items including fresh canapés, hors d’oeuvres, Mediterranean dips, a variety of platters, baked goods, desserts, cakes and more. BIG CHEF’s facility is USDA & FDA inspected to guarantee quality and food safety. Now you can savor BIG CHEF on air, land and sea. Our team is now catering to South Florida inflight, on yachts, residences and at the privacy of the boardroom.

We are proud to be health conscious and Green Business certified. BIG CHEF’s team share the passion for food creation and together we delight palates.

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For more information about this award or to interview Ms. Calambichis, please contact BIG CHEF at 954-965-2480 x 101 or email at To learn more about BIG Chef, visit


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