Ingredient of the Week: Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is created when raw garlic is fermented through long exposure of heat and humidity. The process creates the dark hue and gives the garlic a caramelized and savory flavor. It was first created in Korea, but now it is popping up more and more in the United States.

Health Benefits:

Besides the anticancer and heart healthy benefits that raw garlic provides, the long fermentation process gives black garlic a higher level of the compound S-allylcysteine, a natural component that fights off infections. Black garlic also assists in a healthy intestine, digestion, diabetes etc.

How to Cook with Black Garlic?

Simple, use it like roasted garlic. Add it into spreads, rub it on meat, or use it for dressings, sauces and vinaigrette.



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