Holiday Entertaining Countdown

Countdown Checklist for Any Party

It is all about preparation, for any get-together especially during Holidays.

The holiday season is the time to enjoy family and friends. A well planned party is enjoyable for the guests as well as the host/hostess. Some preparation will make entertainment fun.

One Month Before

It is important to make sure the guests you want to attend will be available the day of the party. Use today’s technology to send a “save the date”, invite and remind. Let guests know in advance, if anything special will be going on, such as a theme party or gifts exchanges. Just communicate the message in a timely matter. We usually email a “save the date”, make a phone call to invite (casual) or mail the invitation (formal), and send a text message reminder three days before the event. You can also use an online invitation service such as Evite or social media such as Facebook.

Two Weeks Before

Plan your menu and take inventory of your dinnerware, flatware, serving platters and chairs, accordingly. Plan your drinks menu and inventory your glassware. This is the time to either get more plates and glasses or adjust the menu to your own party supplies. Instead of dinner you could offer appetizers and finger foods and instead of cocktails you could provide wine and champagne. Organize the food. You can cook it all, pot luck, hire a caterer or order prepared party food online; the choice is yours. If you are cooking yourself, go over recipes and ingredients and prepare your shopping list.

One Week Before

• Plan you decoration, flowers, candles. Select the music.

• Check you guest list and RSVPs This is the time to invite any additional guests, if would like.

• Organize prior to the event any heavy cleaning. Select and organize linen if uses.

• Shopping time: purchase beverages, disposable ware, décor items, candles and all non-perishable food.

• Select the outfit you plant to wear and accessories. Organize your personal care.

Two Days Before

Purchase all perishable. Prepare all food items that can be made in advance and store them properly.

The Day Before

• Walk through your home, tidy up any messy area.

• Set the table, the bar, and serving platters you plan to use.

• Make sure there are clean towels and paper in bathrooms and powder room.

Day of the Event

• Purchase any last minute items (ice).

• Prepare all food according to recipes.

• Collect last minute clutter

• Relax for at least 30 minutes and get ready. Display dishes.

Turn on the music, light the candles, pop the cork and have a blast. Cheers!


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