Terrific Turkey and Sweet Sweet Potatoes – USA

“Make it Your Own” Holiday or Any Day Meal

Terrific Turkey Submitted by Lydia Harris

Soak turkey for 2 days after thaw in brine solution using coarse sea salt, your favorite herbs and spices, and a favored liquid to maximize moisture.

My combination usually consists of black pepper, orange rind/slices, garlic and a whole bottle of Riesling wine or Mojo marinade. I have also added fresh rosemary and/or thyme, coriander, fennel and juniper berries per brining recipes offered by
Martha Stewart. I have found pre-mixed brining solutions that can also be used for chicken.

I use a cooler with ice on bottom, put bird in clean bag you can tie to keep liquid in for soaking. Add ice the second day to keep the bird cold. Then to be sure to have a moist turkey, I cook it in an oven bag at the suggested time and temperature then serve! I have in the part used leftover turkey to make pot pies, turkey alfredo, fajitas and of course turkey salad.

Sweet Sweet Potatoes

Peel and cut into any size pieces. Boil until almost soft, then arrange pieces in a shallow baking pan. In separate pan, melt a stick of butter, add dashes of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg with half a pound of brown sugar, fruit bits like cranberries/raisins, even walnuts/pecans and your favorite fruit juice (I like orange, pineapple).

Use enough to make a thick syrup that you will pour over the sweet potatoes then cover to bake on low heat to let the juices soak into the potatoes. Some people like to have marshmallows melted on top to make it more like a dessert. Make it Your Own!



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