The Ultimate Party: Planning Guide – COCKTAIL PARTY TIPS

Hosting a cocktail party is fun and it can be as SIMPLE or EXTRAVAGANT as you desire.

Cocktail Parties are a brilliant way to entertain friends and business associates. Ideal for the busy host, cocktail parties are convenient– guests will freely mix and mingle with others guests over appetizers and drinks for a couple of hours.


01 Double check your guest list.  A diverse group will make interesting conversation

02 Create the ambiance by choosing the suitable music for your type of event.

03 Decorate with your favorite color, fresh flowers and proper lighting – dimmer or candles.

04  Have the white wine chilled and red wine decanting, with room in the fridge to chill any wine guests may bring.

05 Have a variety of serving plates. Select different shapes, sizes and colors or patterns, then mix and match!

06 Contrast tastes, textures, shapes and colors. Combine a smooth hot bite with a crunchy cool one.

07 Offer a variety of hot and cold and hors d’oeuvres. Serve all food at the right temperature.

08 Decorate the platters with edible bit -size products: vegetables, fruits and edible flowers.

09 Add a “WOW” to the party with a surprise factor: a special drink, an innovative food, the latest music, a performer, a souvenir for each guest, or whatever your creativity comes up with. Just give your guests something to talk about.

10 Lastly, relax, enjoy yourself, and have a blast! Quantities for Cocktail Party

  • Liquor: Plan on two drinks per hour per person. In a two-hour “business” party serving wine and/or champagne, estimate one bottle for every two guests. Always have a mix of white and red.
  • Ice: One pound of ice per guest (to chill wines, serve drinks on the rocks, sodas).
  • Food: Plan on six pieces per person for the first hour, five for the second hour, four for the third hour and three per hour for each additional hour when no dinner will be served. With appetizers that are not pieces, such as cheese and dips, one ounce is equivalent to one bite.
  • Napkins: Four cocktail napkins per guest per hour.

           Fashionable Drinks

  • Cocktails are the must at cocktail parties.
  • The beauty of these type of parties is the flexibility, you can get away serving only wines, tease your guests drinking routine with a specialty drink menu, think Cosmopolitan, Dirty Martini, Appletini, or even splurge with an everything for everyone full bar.
  • A basic bar consists of vodka, scotch, wine and beer. A more complete bar includes gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, vermouth, sherry, and brandy.
  • Have the appropriate glassware ready: stemware and/or tumblers.
  • Get your drink mixers (orange juice, cranberry, soda, tonic, tomato juice, sour, etc) and prepare garnishes (lemons, limes, olives, cherries, onions) ahead of time.

          Fabulous Finger Food

  • Serving bite-size food offers the ability to share and sample. Experiment with eclectic items. Mix flavors! Appetizers can be created with cheeses, poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Guests will nibble based on their tastes and diets. When you offer a generous selection there will be plenty of choices to delight the palate of everyone.
  • In case the event has to be put together at the last minute, time management is a concern and for gourmet quality, is an easy and affordable way to impress your guests with award-winning hors d’oeuvres and canapés.

  • Simply mix & match to custom make the perfect menu, order online, and the freshly prepared frozen appetizers are shipped overnight and delivered to your door steps.
  • Just bake and serve and “Fake it like you Made it”.
  • Glam up, turn on the music, pop the cork, and have a great time. Cheers!

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