Hallowen Party – Food

Halloween foods value the main Halloween characters and are also capable of terrifying the guests. That’s right! There are numerous ideas to compose the menu, such as sausage mummies, spider brigadeiros, bewitched popcorn, among other thematic delights.

The delicacies served on Halloween should please the palates of the guests while contributing a fun horror decoration. It is worth using creativity and all its repertoire on this commemorative date to plan the menu.


The mummy is a typical halloween character, so she needs guaranteed space on the menu. To prepare this delicacy, you will need 1 packet of fresh pastries, 1kg sausage, mustard and ketchup.

To make the edible mummies, cut the pastry into strips and wrap the sausage unevenly. Remember to leave a space at one end to do the little eyes. Place the rolls in a baking dish and bake to brown. When taking the sausages out of the oven, use ketchup and mustard to make the eyes.

To make the marshmallow skulls there is not much secret. Cut the marshmallow with scissors to make the mouth. Then tidy up the ticking bullets like your teeth. Stick the carnations to represent the eyes and finish by sticking this marshmallow on the barbecue skewer.

images (1)


In addition to serving as a basis for mummies, sausages can also be used to prepare witch’s fingers. The way to do it is very simple: provide cooked sausages, make some cuts to simulate the wrinkles and put skinless almonds to represent the nails. Finish with a lot of ketchup.

Resultado de imagem para sausage nails halloween

The halloween pumpkin is an element that can not be missed in the decoration, but it can also give the air of grace on the menu. Try carving out the squash, then put some guacamole in your mouth as if you were vomiting. The idea is a bit disgusting, but it makes a good Halloween proposition. Remember that this Mexican dish has avocado and spices.



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