BIG CHEF: Father’s Day

Treat your father with some seriously special BIG CHEF meal on this Father’s Day!

Although parents deserve our love and care throughout the year, the internationally recognized Father’s Day provides us with a special opportunity to show our fathers how much they mean to us. The Father’s Day was first celebrated on 19th June, 1910, in the state of Washington, after efforts by Sonora Smart Dodd. The inspiration for Father’s Day was provided by the previously recognized and celebrated Mother’s Day, which had been celebrated in USA since the post-Civil War era. However, Mother’s Day was nationally recognized and celebrated as a holiday only in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. The recognition for Father’s Day was slow to build up in the start because of the lesser sentimental role of fathers in the family. Nevertheless, the day was recognized nationally in USA in 1924, keeping in view its vast popularity among the citizens, who celebrated the day by gifting their father’s items like hats, socks, neckties, etc., and treating them to their favorite foodstuffs and sweets.

BIG CHEF has got your back if you intend to keep to the traditions and offer your father a heavenly meal on his special day. Our variety includes a number of appetizers, meals, and desserts, which are liked throughout the world. Whether your father prefers vegan, seafood, or meat, BIG CHEF would provide you with all the products you need to put on the table on this Father’s Day.

Planning a full meal would be best way to spend this Father’s Day, as it allows you to spend quality time with your parents, while also enjoying a blessed table. You can start your meal with the BIG CHEF Hors d’oeuvres, Canapés, and appetizers. Our variety in this category ranges from meat and beef products like Beef Fajitas and Chicken Smoked Burritos, to seafood appetizers like Crab Wontons and Shrimp Pankos, and further to vegetarian options like Broccoli and Leek Quiche and Wild Mushrooms Calzone. For the main course you can order our prepared meals and Wellingtons. For Dessert, our Assorted Brigadeiros and Parisian Macarons would definitely help you finish your meal on a high note.

Inviting your dad over for a cup of tea or coffee and some quality time would be another great idea to spend this Father’s Day. BIG CHEF would help you enrich such an offering by providing a number of great and delicious options to be served with your father’s favorite beverages. If you are planning for such an event, you can try our Spring Roll, Croquette, Wonton, and Empanada varieties, which offer great taste and healthy nutrition, while also going well along with a cup of tea or coffee.

If your father is a seafood enthusiast, you also order our seafood products to offer him his favorite food stuffs. Our Sushi variety includes Sashimi and Rolls, which are a surefire way to enhance a seafood lover’s mood. Similarly, you would also love our scrumptious dimsum dinner options like Crab Rangoon and Duck Wonton, if you are in for an oriental experience.

If you are away from home and unable to arrange a physical get together with your dad, you can still make him feel special as BIG CHEF ships its freshly prepared frozen food products throughout the Continental USA.

So, What would you like in the menu?

Mano & Rosana Calambichis


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