BIG CHEF : Labor Day

This 6th of September, people throughout the United States of America would be celebrating the annual labor day to pay homage to the millions of laborers and workers who have played a very significant part in making the country what it is today. The annual labor day, celebrated on the first Monday of September every year, brings back the memories of people in the heyday of the industrial revolution in USA, working 12 hour days every week, without any concern for their physical safety or mental wellbeing, only to earn a day’s basic living expenses. To make matters even worse, it was not only grown men who sold their soul to support their families, but children as young as 5 or 6 years old were also made to work in mills, factories, and mines throughout the country.

As the working men started struggles for an improvement in their economic, social, and political fortunes, they faced stiff resistance from the status quo powers. The struggle between the laborers and authorities often turned violent, as happened in Haymarket Riot of 1886, which resulted in the death of multiple workers and policemen. Similarly, in May 1894, the death of more than a dozen railway workers in their protest against wage cuts is another infamous event in the laborers’ struggle to gain a better social and economic deal. It was this event that led the Congress to legalize the first Monday of every September as a national “workingmen’s holiday”. While people still remember the sacrifices made by the laborers and workers, today people celebrate the day by firework displays, parades, and other similar public gatherings. Picnics and barbeques also make up a major part of the celebrations which take place in every part of the country.

So if you are planning to spend this labor day with picnics or barbeques, BIG CHEF is there to make this day a memorable event for you and your family. Our catalogue boasts of a huge variety of hors d’oeuvres, canapés, main courses, desserts, side dishes, and sauces which will make your day a great success. Wherever in the Continental USA you plan to celebrate the day, just order your favorite food stuffs from our catalogue, and we will deliver them to your doorstep. Our products are highly mobile and can easily be prepared if you only have access to an oven. We especially recommend you to try our Empanadas, Quiches, Cheese Puffs, or Croquettes, as they are not only easy to carry about but also provide the taste and nutrition required on any outdoor event. These products would also go along well if you are planning for a barbeque, and would make your entire event more enjoyable and memorable by adding variety and our unique, irresistible taste to your table.

Conversely, BIG CHEF also has great options if you plan to hold an indoor food event and gather your loved ones to your table on this national holiday. Our Black Bean Spring Rolls, Boursin Cheese Puffs, or Caprese Empanadas would make great appetizers to be served before the main course. Similarly, our Wellington variety, with beef, chicken, mushroom, vegetable, shrimp, and lobster options, never goes out of style in any proper meal. Our Parisian Macarons or Assorted Brigadeiros would also help you close down the food event in style with their exclusive taste and delicacy.

So, what would you like in the menu?

Mano & Rosana Calambichis


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