A bit about Big Chef …

BigChefonline.com think Big Taste in Bite Size.

Who we are … food manufacturer, FDA and USDA inspected, MWBE certified producing gourmet, award-winning appetizers since 1999.

What make us special…

Quality and Great Taste: Consistency with the highest quality of product possible.

Variety and Convenience: Variety of delectable hors d’oeuvres and canapés.

Gourmet Selection: Meat, poultry, seafood, cheeses, vegetable and fruits are incorporated in authentic styles and presented in Wellingtons, Phyllos, Puff Pastries, Empanadas, Quiches, Brochettes, Skewers, Sate, Spring/Egg Rolls.

We proudly launched another handcrafted appetizer line with our in-house produced “with organic/ natural ingredients” crispy dough and out-of-the ordinary flavors:  Catupiry cheese pesto; Guava mint; Pomegranate eggplant pecan; Beef raisin and classic Duck a la Orange. Equally exquisite are: Dates almond; Fig almond; Apple raisin roll; Goat cheese caramelized onion; Lobster wellington; Chicken ginger; Dates and chorizo and …

Diversity: “Best Ethnic Food in Americas” IV and VII Americas Food & Beverage Awards Winner                                          Classic, Contemporary and Eclectic –Fusion, European, Mediterranean, Asian, American, Southwestern, Latin and Brazilian are among the flavors we produce.

Value Added:Value added through flexibility and customization.

Constant improvement: We are always open to suggestions.

After  all…

We strive to delight the palate of your customers and guests!

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