Pair the right Menu with the right Event

Planning the menu is a must for when planning an event. Anyone who is planning for a special occasion should offer several choices for the different palates of their guests.


  • Offer three choices of entrees (remember to offer a vegetarian or gluten free dish for those with special diets.) It is good idea to ask your guests before hand if they have any meal restrictions.
  • Offer three or more salad dressings as options for guests to choose.
  • Two desserts options is perfect. One can be indulgent and the other can be a healthier and lighter choice.
  • Incorporate seasonal and fresh items. Pay attention to the produce of the season.


  • Box lunches are best for 30 mins or on the go meetings or luncheons.
  • Plated meals usually require at least 1.5 hours or more.
  • Buffets can be finished within an hour
  • Cocktail receptions are minimum 1 hour and can last up to 4 hours.
  • When hosting breakfast and lunch, use items that can hold up longer.


  • Plated Style: Normally used for sit down dinners. Usually brought to the table by a server or the host. The pros about plated style is portion control, if planned right it can result in less cost per guest.
  • Buffet: An excellent solution for a large audience and it reduces the required number of hired personnel. The average double sided buffet line can serve around 100 people in 30-40mins. You will need to add another buffet line per 100 guests.
  • Food Stations:This is a variation of Buffet, in which food is placed on smaller tables at various locations.
  • Refreshment Breaks: This is best for conferences, a break that lasts 15-30mins and takes places in mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Receptions: This often replaces the sit down dinners, because it offers guests to mingle and converse while nibbling on passed hors d’oeuvres. Finger food and champagne are usually passed around by servers. If dinner follows the reception, limit the appetizers to 6-8 pcs per person. If there is no dinner allow 10-12pcs per person. This is a more economical option than buffet.

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